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Be “smarter than the av-er-age bear!" Get out and Pic-a-nic!

Picnicking is waaaay more than an opportunity to dust off the old wicker basket. Here are some of the reasons smarter people go picnicking . . .

Get Outdoors – basking in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying a great view is invigorating and rejuvenating. Clear your lungs and your headspace.

Eat Healthy – Home prepped meals are usually more nutritious than eating out and with a little care, particularly when you bring food for a picnic. Don’t load up with chips and bars… take time to include fresh ingredients and remember, everything tastes better outside. Or get your perfect picnic made for you by ordering online from www.yellowstonepicnicbaskets.com

Communicate – Picnics in warm weather are relaxing, small talk is high, and relationships bloom when you can discuss, plan, connect and learn from those close to you.

Self-reflect – You don’t have to spend your whole picnic chatting up a storm. Sit back, enjoy the serenity, take in the view and it’s almost like a meditation.

Exercise: With the family? Introduce the kids to new sports, games, and nature. Tug-of-war, 2-hand-touch, skimming stones can work up an appetite, or horseshoes and bean bag toss can be competitive fun. Picnicking alone? Choose a spot to eat that’s at least 30 mins hike away from your vehicle. The physical and mental benefits of 'earning' great food in a great location are awesome.

Bond! – It’s a fast-paced, urbane lifestyle today with limited time for the people in your life. Engage, bond, enjoy them!

Bask in the mood boost – Eating outdoors is a natural mood booster because your body needs sun (literally; your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. Then of course there’s that indescribable feeling when a beautiful warm breeze brushes your face . . .

Relieve Stress – Who thinks of work on a picnic? Being a human isn’t always easy and it’s important to empty your mind of stress, anxiety and responsibility from time to time.

Be good to your bones – Kids that play in the sun (and eat oranges) don’t get rickets. But let’s get a little more technical here: The vitamin D we get from the sun is needed for maximum absorption of calcium from the intestine, which helps build strong bones and teeth. And enough vitamin D can help reduce your chance of bone deteriorating diseases like osteoporosis. Then of course there’s that warm, sun-kissed (dare we say sexy?) glow to be considered.

Save your money – Build your picnic at home from what you have in the fridge and pantry, and you may not have to spend a cent! If you are on vacation, look for a local picnic building service – they save money, and more importantly they save your TIME. Who wants to spend the night before a picnic in Walmart buying all kinds of ingredients for just one occasion, and it’s not like your hotel room has a useful kitchen in it, right?

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