Because Yellowstone is about wilderness, wildlife and geysers, not crowded diners

So you finally made it to the American Serengeti - Yellowstone National Park.

YPB is all about the outdoor eating and there are LOTS of designated places you can stop and enjoy the wilderness (and provided you Leave No Trace  there are hundreds of others on hiking trails through the park).

Check out the map below (click to enlarge).


Right now, our absolute favorites are at: 5, 26, 30, 34, and 35, but remember, when you order a Yellowstone picnic basket, we include an insider's list of

ALL the very best Yellowstone picnic spots we can recommend!


#34 is my own family’s Bestest Place for Picnics; What beautiful memories of how much my little girl used to love Love LOVE being at the place we used to call ‘the Top Of the World’. Shh. Don't tell her it was just Dunraven Trailhead 


Checklist- did you bring:

Don’t get closer than 25 yards, 100yrds if it’s a bear!


The heat of the day can feel intense in a park summer

Cold weather jacket 

Yep, really – it cools way on down at night time.

An awesome picnic? 

You gotta spend your precious time doing the really important stuff like relaxing, site-seeing, wildlife-watching or hanging with friends and family! (and did we already mention the long lines, the fast food, and expensive restaurants?)

So, all the basics are in the bag/box ready so you can be picnic perfect where ever you stop to enjoy your yellowstonepicnicbasket order. But if you are looking for something to make your picnic a little extra, here are some recommendations for you:


Table cloths

Wicker baskets

Games/sports gear


Mosquito repellant (deet free)

All our packaging is
eco-friendly and low-waste
 & include a frozen drink that doubles as your ice pack.

The Best Yellowstone Picnic Spots

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