Despite what people imagine when they head into the park with their iPhone cam, extraordinary griz photography takes a lot of bear-empathy, tech know-how and unending patience. So this picnic-packer in chief learned PDQ to get fanatical about packing in great food; bear photogs never leave to buy lunch if they are ‘on’ a grizzly and 18 hour days feel pretty slow when the bears are just shadows!

If food becomes the main feature of the day, no soggy sandwiches for my guy!

I tried and tested everything! I even bought one of those 12v cigarette lighter mini ovens so he could have hot meals through Yellowstone’s sub-zero temps - hint: don’t mess with those things - they blow the fuses in your vehicle!

And over 24 years I gathered up some nifty tasty picnic savvy.

But there's more to why I got to be a picnic afficionado.

Over the last couple of decades I ran a Native American tour company, taking countless folks from around the globe into the park to seek out the really interesting stuff (which also happens to be the places most visitors totally miss.) We'd also go looking for wildlife at all hours early morning, and late evening. And while no-one's ever guaranteed a bear, wolf or buffalo sighting, you know what I noticed was always a DEAD CERT? Forlorn ham and cheese sandwiches, cheap red apples, over-salty chips and gallons of warm sodas. Ugh! Either that or . . .

We'd spend hours in fast-food jams which are definitely not supposed to be part of the true Yellowstone experience! Heck, park visitors don't even like to wait in a wolf jam (hint; actually it's usually a coyote jam - check out the bushy tail and pointy face to tell the difference)

Be honest you know ANYONE who goes to YNP hoping to burn daylight in crowded diners, or wasting time in lines for fried fast food? 

So that’s how Yellowstone Picnic Baskets came to be – between grizzly bears and Native American tours, I realized that no-one offered the standard of picnics my family or my tour guests deserved.

And you know the old saying . . .

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

griz - Copyright Rain Bear Stands Last.j

Thanks for visiting the park, thanks for checking out our picnics and I hope you have a fantastic time in one of the most magical landscapes on earth. 



About Yellowstone Picnic Baskets

Because Yellowstone is about wilderness, wildlife and geysers, not crowded diners

My husband is a world-class grizzly bear photographer

who leaves the house at 4am to capture images like these  --->

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